Contact us if you can help in any way.

Legal advice would be very helpful, as we don’t know who to turn to in order to push for our son to be given some kind of exemption.

We’re also hoping for media exposure that will help spread our story to put pressure on the state to get our son the medicine he needs. Spreading the word for the OCTA petition is also important, as making marijuana legal in Oregon would be a huge step toward federal legalization. Voting “yes” on the upcoming California bill won’t directly help us, but it will still further the cause — if California legalizes marijuana, Oregon won’t be far behind.

If you just want to tell us you support our efforts, we appreciate all message along those lines. The more support we get, the harder we’ll be able to fight.

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  1. Nicole says:

    Please see our web site at and click the CONTACT button.

  2. moxaman says:


    I read the story about your son with great sadness.   I hope by now you have been able to find and use more oil for your son.  I would also like to say that the symptoms your son exhibits can be caused by toxins... from vaccines, chemicals, metals, etc.  These can lead to brain damage in large amounts, and liver or kidney damage in smaller amounts.    In Chinese Medicine anger is an emotion associated with the liver.  Your son exhibits extreme anger thus I believe something has affected his liver.  In addition to cannabis oil you might try various detoxing techniques.  The herb milk thistle is used to detox the liver and protect it as well.  Liquid zeolites are used to detox the body of metals and chemicals at the dose of 10 drops three times a day for a month.   Along with that a tablespoon of chlorella powder is often ingested to absorb toxins in the intestines.  Some folks add activated charcoal and bentonite clay with that.   The herb Burbur is also used to detox from chemicals.   You can Google this.  These are some ideas you can explore if you are interested but I thought you might want some other ideas on how to manage this horrific situation  I wish you well.
  3. Emmitt Ottum says:

    Most of the chlorella that is available in the U.S. is grown in Japan or Taiwan. It is processed and made into tablets and liquid extracts. These extracts contain “chlorella growth factor,” which is described as a water-soluble extract of chlorella containing chemicals including amino acids, peptides, proteins, vitamins, sugars, and nucleic acids…

    Our new online site <,<~><(><(><+><’><@><#><~>http:/<+><~><$><(>/

  4. Malinda says:

    I sent you an email about the possibility of helping Alex and others like him. Please check your email! Thanks

  5. Elena Deljanin says:

    Hi. My name is Elena and I am a mother of a young girl. She has seizures, brain injury and self injurious behaviour. I was hoping you can tell me if You noticed if Alex is building tolerance for marijuana. Thank you for your time. Elena

  6. chaya says:

    God bless little Alex and family

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